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artist and aquarium landscape by Josh Sim the champion of ada contest. Josh is using Malaysian Driftwood also known as Mangrove as the main element.

What is Malaysian Driftwood?

Malaysian Driftwood is a heavy, dense wood that will sink quickly, is very attractive and long lasting. Perfect for use in fresh water aquariums and reptile habitats. Some people also call this as “Mangrove” in the market.

Aquarium brings you this wonderful line of natural wood roots to compliment your custom aquatic environment. Each piece is completely unique. These wood roots are safe for use in freshwater aquariums. Enhance the visual appeal of your aquarium with these exciting decorations.

There is a lot of suppliers from Malaysia also supply non-sinking driftwood with nice shape, most of the hobbyist like to use this for aquascape or landscape.

Josh Sim ADA aquarium landscape by large size malaysian driftwood
Photo credited: Josh Sim

Besides landscaping, some aquarists use the tannic acides in to naturally lower the pH in their tanks, and/or to create the tea-colored “black water” thought to be the preference of Amazonian Tetras like neons, cardinals, rummynoses, and bleeding hearts. If this is your preference, then only a short soak and scrub is necessary before adding driftwood to your aquarium.

The easiest way to arrange your aquarium landscape is after you have removed water during a water change. Rearrange your aquarium, adding the driftwood where you want it, before refilling the aquarium.

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