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two large driftwood lanscape

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of driftwood do you supply?
Our driftwood is natural, dense and self-sinking. Some customer also call this as Mangrove. They are used for:

  • Aquariums
  • Reptile habitats
  • Vivarium’s
  • Art décor

What’s different between Malaysian driftwood and others?
Unlike other aquascaping wood such as spider-wood. Malaysian driftwood has below features:

  • Heavy
  • Sink and requires no slate bottom.
  • It gives an organic boost to acidic pH and drops the water hardness versus using chemicals
  • A preferred driftwood for show tanks and garden aquariums. Each piece is completely unique in shape.

Where do you sell your driftwood to?
Most of our driftwood are wholesale to U.S, Europe, Africa, China & Japan. If your country is not in the list, please contact us. We are happy to support you.

What sizes of driftwood do you provide?
We offer from Extra Small (width: 12cm/4.7 inch) to Extra Large size.(width: 130cm/51 inch). If the sizes you want is not within this range. Send us an enquiry, let us help you.

Can i customize my wood packaging?
Yes, you can assign your own brand or desire tags to the driftwood. We are providing extra services to driftwood wholesale. Please let us know your in order if you have special enquiry.

How many pieces driftwood per bag pack?
We provide maximum 100 pcs/bag and minimum 10 pcs/bag. If you have special enquiry, please e-mail us your request.

How much is the minimum buy?
Every quotation from us is based on 20ft container. You can also order for 40ft / 40 hq container. Please inform us when you place order.

What is the lower price you offer?
Our driftwood price as low as USD0.45 per piece.

What is the standard procedure of place an shipment/order?

  1. GGP provide proforma invoice (PF) to customer
  2. Customer revert confirmed PF & 50% of deposit
  3. GGP start preparing order
  4. GGP to inform customer when the order is about ready to ship and arrange the shipment date with customer local shipping agent
  5. GGP will load the container and send invoice based on the final quantity that GGP loaded via email to inform customer the container is full loaded and ready to ship.
  6. Shipping agent to prepare final shipment documents and send to GGP
  7. Customer release the payment balance and GGP will release the shipment documents.

How to clean Malaysian Driftwood (reduce tannins):
To avoid discoloring water, soak driftwood for as long as possible before placement. Total submersion for 1-2 weeks is recommended, since the tannic acids take that long to completely leach out of the dense wood.
Boiling driftwood in a large stock pot for 1-2 hours prior to soaking may help shorten the required cure time down to 48-72 hours.

If using driftwood to create “Black Water” Aquariums is your preference, then only a short soak and scrub is necessary before adding driftwood to your aquarium.

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