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Driftwood or Mangrove in the water with tannins and coloring the water

Does Malaysian Driftwood lower pH?

Yes, putting driftwood in your aquarium is a safe way to make the water less acidic. Just like peat moss, driftwood releases tannins that lower the acidity.

Watch the video to learn What is pH and Why it is Important in Your Aquarium.

However, because it contains tannins, it will also color your water yellow/brown.

The discoloration you see is simply the natural tannin color from the wood, and it won’t harm your fish or plants.

Not all driftwood is the same, so you should make sure it’s safe for aquarium use. Driftwood sold for reptiles may look fantastic for your tank, but it could contain chemicals which are harmful to your fish which Malaysian driftwood is not contain chemicals and safe for aquarium use.

To clean it further, boil the driftwood in salt water. This not only sterilizes it but also reduces the amount of color it adds to your tank water.

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