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What is Malaysian Driftwood?

Malaysian driftwood is the one of the wood type can lower pH in your aquarium safely. Driftwood not only can lower pH in your aquarium, it can also be a very decorative pieces for your aquarium.

Our driftwood is natural, dense and self-sinking. They are usually used for:


Reptile habitats


Art décor

Export Markets

Malaysian Driftwood is a natural product and shape of each piece is unique and size vary.

GGP Aquarium Trading offers dense, larger or smaller driftwood to globally.

– Goh Gek Peng Aquarium Trading

Custom Size and Services

Driftwood is natural product but we can provide the custom size, packing and labelling based on you needs.

Sinking & Non-Sinking

We offer dense sinking Malaysian driftwood and non-sinking but better shape driftwood.

Support Document

Document of fumigation, phytosanitary, certification of origin (CO) provided upon request.

Shipping Arrangements

Shipping arrangements to meet client timeline and shipping globally with supporting document for bulk purchase.

Quality Support

Dedicated customer support and professional service to answer your questions.

Reduce Purchasing Cost

Bulk supply is available and it helps your business to reduce purchasing and shipment cost.

Tips of Using Malaysian Driftwood

Apply your Malaysian Driftwood in a better way and make your aquarium or garden nicer.

Handpicked Premium-Shaped Driftwood

Available for shipping within Malaysia or Singapore.


Don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re here to answer any queries about Malaysian Driftwood.

You can also email us at or WhatsApp us for faster response.

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